is about peacefully protesting the words "In God We Trust" being printed on our currency. Yes, this constitutional violation is a small one, but the small discriminations support more explicit discriminations, like claims that nontheists are 2nd-class citizens, or that God+Govt is a constitutional/good/safe mix. You history buffs will know why it isn't. The unconstitutional motto is replaced by the founding fathers's original national motto, "E Pluribus Unum," promoting both unity and (religious) diversity. So get involved!


Yes, bill-stamping is legal.

The law against defacing currency only applies when you do so "with intent to render such bank bill... unfit to be reissued" (US Code title 18, pt I, ch 17, s 333). Freedom-stamping only makes sense when you intend for the bill to be reissued and widely circulated. And the spirit of the law really only applies to money you haven't earned (e.g. if the Fed tries to destroy the notes to rid itself of liabilities, or a cash-heavy investor tries to pull a Goldfinger).

It's been mentioned

...that the Fed might be free to print whatever it wants on dollar bills, without being affected by the Constitution's clauses prohibiting government-established religion. To be clear, the Fed is not privately owned; it derives its power from Congress and calls itself "independent within the government". Congress does indeed have the power (and obligation) to keep the xenophobic phrase "In God We Trust" off our currency, and even if it didn't, freedom-stamping would still act as an awareness campaign.

Have you correctly interpreted the Founding Fathers?


Freedom From Religion Foundation infographic about the founding fathers' views on the separation of church and state.

Thanks to the FFRF for permission to use their photo.

How can I help?

Order a stamp to combat unconstitutional phrases on our currency and fix as many bills as you come across! Facebook it, Tweet it, Instagram it, Pin it, etc (see buttons at top of page)! Here are some other ways to help.

Why the website?

The stamp originally was not associated with a website, but building a website allows the message to spread faster, farther, and more sustainably via exponential growth.

Does BillStamp make money?

No. Although we sell stamps, we price them low enough so that we lose money. This is activism, not a business. See the footer of this page.

Is this site atheistic?

Secularism is separate from Atheism. Atheism, Agnosticism, Humanism, etc are religions*, whereas Secularism is merely the political idea that certain things (e.g. government funding, hiring practices, etc.) should be kept separate from religion. As it happens, the most passionate supporters of the Separation of Church and State happen to be those most affected by religious discrimination: religious minorities. Supporters also include people in the majority who respect and value minorities, as well as supporters of the Constitution.

*religion is a subjective term, so please don't email us about nontheism's religious status

Who else is doing this?

God Off Money uses a text-based stamp to acheive similar results.

FSM Stamps adds Pastafarian flair in place of "God."

The Secular Coalition for America represents nontheists in Washington DC. Their Twitter account is great, and they send out action alerts.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation protects people from religious discrimination and is responsible for a large amount of important anti-religious-discrimination litigation.

Evolvefish sells lots of secularism & nontheism merchandise. I think they're for-profit, though. has info about stamping the phrase off of US coinage. A bit hardcore for me, but since coins circulate much longer, this may be prudent.

Here's a collection of similar stamps, not for sale though.

An LSU Atheist has offered to privately field any questions you might have regarding atheism (although BillStamp is about The First Amendment, not atheism).

Let us know of any similar websites!

Related Causes?

We also support:

Removal of "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Or better yet, abolishment of the coercive, brainwashy practice of making children pledge their allegiance daily.

Abandonment of using a religious text (The Bible) to swear elected officials into office. The Constitution's Article VI, Paragraph 3 states: "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

A general decline in the voters' focus on political candidates' religions. They're running for President, not for Pope.

Encouraging any Christians to gain empathy for these causes by imagining the name "Allah" in place of "God," or The Quran in place of The Bible. Would you want "In Allah We Trust" on our money, or "One Nation Under Allah" being chanted by our kids?

Which politicians support this?

BillStamp rates a list of politicians according to the probability that they would vote in favor of our points of view, and publishes it at our scorecard. Check it out to see how your representatives measure up!

Our support during the 2016 presidential race went to Bernie Sanders.